Chipping Day, Friday Oct. 27


Fall is coming and there is a lot of deadwood on the Peninsula. Clean out those woods and impress the neighbors with your spiffed up property.  Remember that YOU are responsible to keep your road edges clear of debris and your vegetation should not hang out over the road or obstruct clear views and passage of vehicles and people.

Aerial Bucket Services of Long Lake Township has agreed to chip again for us.  Tom Parks will send out a crew to chip through the peninsula on Friday  Oct. 27 & more (if necessary).   You will pay them directly with a check or through the invoice he sends you.

  1. Bring your piles to the road edge or drive edge (for those with long drives) and mark with a white trash bag(s) with your address written on it in permanent marker.  When you stack a pile, put the butt ends towards the road or drive.   Several small piles are better than one huge pile.  This will all affect your cost.
  2. Call or email Tom to let him know you will be participating and give him your address.  He can be reached at:   Aerial Bucket Service  929-3131 or by email at:
  3. Tom will drive through early in the week to scope out the workload and make a list of chipping day participants.  He charges $200/hour – a car-size pile of brush will cost roughly $50 to chip.  You may have multiple piles on the same property- just mark them so he knows. Chips will be blown back into your woods unless you let him know otherwise
  4. You can give Tom a check on Chipping Day or send a check in response to his invoice.

This is a chance to clean up the peninsula & get some exercise too!

Thanks for keeping the Peninsula beautiful and safe!

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