It’s not spring yet

Winter is still here and we have some friendly reminders to keep neighborhood harmony.

  • Please remove your trash cans and other loose items as soon as possible and don’t park on any of the roads so the snow plows can get thorough.
  • Respect snow sticks. Owners use those to protect shrubs, septic fields and well heads. We have reports of folks removing snow sticks. Please be respectful of your LLPA neighbors.
  • Slow down for safety. The roads get icy and it is very dark at night.
  • If you are walking please light up and wear reflective clothing. Dark ninja apparel is stealth but not safe.
  • If you do slide and damage a post or fence, shrubbery etc. please report it or leave a note. It is disrespectful to do damage and not take responsibility.

Bundle up, it’s cold out there. If you are a winter person…enjoy. For the rest of us the winter solstice was December 21 and the days are getting longer and spring is right around the corner.

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