Road Work Beginning in Early May 2019

During early May, Elmer’s will be on the Long Lake Peninsula applying asphalt to the private properties that have requested work.

*Keep in mind that the work is weather dependent.

After completing the private work, they will begin improvement, repair and paving of the entrance from S. Long Lake Road through the drive at 7856 S Outer Drive and the unpaved portions of Elm and Cedar Dr.

Team Elmer’s is working hard to complete the areas in common in one day.

  • It will be dusty and congested.
  • There will be flag people controlling lane traffic to minimize access limitations throughout the narrows.
  • There will be a large variety of heavy equipment throughout the entire process.
  • The material will be 320 degrees as it is applied. Be vigilant of children, pets and others. Serious burns can occur if contacted.

Let’s Join Team Elmer’s in improving our world by being Cautious,
Vigilant and Patient.

Please plan on additional travel time.

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