Information for Residents

Welcome to the Long Lake Peninsula and to the Long Lake Peninsula Association (LLPA), a wonderfully unique and diverse community.  What began as a logging island became a peninsula when the shallow “narrows” was filled in to create access to what is now the Long Lake Peninsula.   The peninsula created was first used for farming and a gate at the “narrows” ensured livestock were kept contained on the peninsula.  This feature, the “narrows”, distinguishes us from other communities as there is only one road access onto the Long Lake Peninsula.  Due to this aspect, traffic is slowed and residents are able to enjoy walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, and cross country skiing.  The peninsula roads are private and are under the control of the LLPA.  

Please read and become familiar with how our association is governed.  If you have questions, you’re encouraged to seek out a trustee to answer them for you.    Consider joining one of the our committees and becoming active in the association.

Register as a member of the long lake Peninsula Association

Registration as a member of the LLPA provides you with voting rights.   Make your voice heard on issues that affect how our peninsula is managed.    In addition, registration enables us to contact you in case of an emergency and enables us to conduct the business of the LLPA efficiently. 

Register with the LLPA







GFL is our approved waste service company. To start/cancel service, contact GFL and mention you are a member of the Long Lake Peninsula Association.  Our preferred service rate for 2024 is $60/quarter which provides a weekly pickup of both a trash and recycling bin.

Please note that according to our bylaws a permit is required for the use of a different waste management company other than the LLPA Board approved waste hauler.   Fees will be assessed and will be added to our road fund.

Construction and Land Use

If you are considering  a construction and/or significant landscape project on your property,  it is recommended that you review the “Land Use Rules and Regulations” in the LLPA bylaws to understand all permit requirements as well as any regulations that may need to be accounted for by your project.

After receiving a permit from the state and township to erect any building, accessory building, or to make other major structural changes on your property,  you must complete an LLPA Building Permit Application to obtain your LLPA building permit.

If you have questions regarding an application for a LLPA building permit, please contact the Building Committee at

Short-term Rentals

NOTE: To file a complaint about a short-term rental,  call the Long Lake Township 24hr Hotline  at 231-835-6672    You can also call the Long Lake Township office at 231-946-2249 during their office hours 8AM-5PM TU-FR.

Long Lake Township adopted new ordinances regarding the licensing and management of Short Term Rentals (STR) in September of 2021.  Details regarding the ordinances can be found at

Long Lake Township requires all short-term rental properties to be registered annually with the Township prior to occupancy.   This pertains to all rentals within the Township and there are no exemptions based on location, the number of days rented or the age of the property among other things.  The Ordinance covers all properties within the Township, including the Long Lake Peninsula (LLPA).  

In addition to the township ordinances, LLPA bylaws require property owners to register with us and provide documentation o demonstrate compliance with the Township ordinance and ensure your insurance policy includes provisions to protect the interests of the LLPA and its members from liability should one of your renters injure themselves on LLPA property.  Contact the LLPA Secretary at to register and learn what documentation is required to be in compliance with our bylaws. 

Property owners are encourage to review the rules and regulations of the LLPA.   Share the Short-Term Rental Etiquette handout with your tenants.   Consider having tenants sign this as a part of your rental contract and keeping this visible within the home.   Remember, you, the LLPA member, are responsible for ensuring your guests and tenants are aware of and follow the peninsula regulations.

Road safety for cars, walkers and bikers

To keep everyone safe we want to remind you the speed limit from the entrance to the top of the hill at the narrows is 15 mph. It is curvy and narrow. The rest of the peninsula is 20 mph.

The LLPA is a private association. For liability reasons the private road and other common areas are for “members and guests only.”   People driving too fast remains one of the biggest complaints here…and we are growing in numbers and residents.

Rules of the road:

  • Slow down.
  • Keep safe. Always walk facing traffic. This gives you the best chance to see cars approaching you and drivers can be sure you see them.
  • Please teach your children to walk on the correct side, also.
  • When cycling, stay on the right, with the traffic

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Tips

Roads and Parking

  • There is no parking on any of the roads. All four wheels must be off the pavement.
  • The speed limit on the peninsula is 20 MPH with the exception of the narrows where the speed limit is 15 MPH because the road is narrow and the homes are close to the road.
  • If you transport children to and from the school bus stop at the peninsula entrance, please park only on Old Long Lake Road for your child’s safety and that of other cars coming and going.
  • There are only (4) parking spots for vehicles and/or trailers of any kind at the boat landing. (That means 2 cars each with trailers makes 4 spots full) If these are full, please do not park on the roads near the launch. You will have to return your car to your own home.
  • At the Robert Doerr Park you may park on the grass  on the road-side of the fence. Please park on the grass on the road-side of the fence.
  • There is NO parking on the basketball court. 

Dog Ordinance

Please be a responsible pet owner and neighbor by remembering that the LLPA rules do allow pets but you must have your pet under control and ALWAYS bring a bag to clean up after your pet. It is extremely intimidating to other members to be charged at by an unleashed dog, even if it is just exuberant and friendly. Not all neighbors are dog lovers or have the balance to withstand a dog jumping on them. Also, be sure your guests understand peninsula rules as well.

LLPA follows the Grand Traverse County dog ordinance which states:

The Reasonable Control and Confinement of Dogs
Section IV, Item 4
As amended and approved May 23, 1972

Reasonable Control
It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow any dog to stray beyond his premises unless under reasonable control of some person or when engaged in lawful hunting, accompanied by his owner or custodian. Reasonable control in residential areas shall mean by a leash not over (6) feet long in length made of leather or other durable material.

If you encounter an aggressive, unattended dog please call the animal control officer at 995-6080 or ask 911 to get her to come out. Also, please call a board member and let them know. If is helpful if you can get a picture of the dog unleashed and off the property. We want to be sure the peninsula is a safe place for everyone to walk.