Construction and land use

Prior to making any changes to your property please see Article XIII Land Use Rules and Regulations of the LLPA By-Laws.

  • Permit: You must get a permit, not only from the township, but first from the LLPA building and site committee to erect any building, accessory building, or to make any major structural changes. Instructions for LLPA Building Permit, Fees and Application. If you have additional questions, and to submit application and fees, please contact Devin Hill
  • Construction Traffic: It is your responsibility to educate your construction crews and their sub-contractors about our 20 MPH speed limit and 15 MPH speed limit at the narrows.
  • Construction Traffic Hours:  Construction traffic shall be limited to the hours between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Road Damage: If your construction damages common property (e.g. road damage due to gas line installation, etc.) you are responsible for having it repaired by licensed professionals.
  • Blocking of Roads: No vehicle, including construction vehicles, may block any road on the peninsula. There is NO PARKING on any peninsula road. Your construction vehicles should park in your driveway or on your property.
  • Preservation of Natural Setting: To preserve our natural setting, at least 50% of the total land area of each lot shall be maintained undeveloped after provision has been made for house, garage, driveway, septic tank and field.
  • Tree Cutting: Tree cutting in a strip paralleling the shoreline extending 35 feet inland from the ordinary high-water mark is limited. (Please see By-laws Article XIII, Sec. 3, O for more specifics.)
  • Contractors and residents are to notify suppliers and trade contractors that “jake brakes” are not to be used while traveling on the Long Lake Peninsula.