Summary information about your LLPA dues

**Detailed information about dues can be found in the Long Lake Peninsula Association Bylaws  Article IX – Finances.


  • A letter regarding annual dues is mailed with the August newsletter.
  • Annual dues must be paid by Oct. 1.
  • All dues payments MUST BE MAILED to our accountants:
    Gabridge & Co.
    13561 S. West Bayshore Drive, Ste. 209
    Traverse City, MI 49684.
    Please put  LLPA Dues on the front of the envelope.
  • If annual dues and any assessments are not paid on time, the following penalties will be assessed on the outstanding balances as of October 1 and April 1:
    • Account balance under $50.00: $10.00 penalty
    • Account balance from $50.00 to $199.00: $20.00 penalty
    • Account balance from $200.00 to $499.00: $25.00 penalty
    • Account balance $500.00 or over: $6% of unpaid balance
    • All unpaid balances, plus costs of collection (including reasonable attorney’s fees), shall become a lien upon the land of the member.
  • Amount of Dues (Dues were increased by LLPA vote in Winter 2014.)
    • Developed lots: $250.00
    • Vacant lots: $75.00 per lot with a maximum of $200.00 for all vacant lots with identical ownership.