Information if you rent your property

Updated 2017

Everyone loves to be on the lake in the summer.  Some properties on the Long Lake Peninsula are rented annually or seasonally.

If you are renting out your property, this information is for you.

This is to remind you of your responsibilities to the LLPA community as a landlord and give you some guidelines on Cottage Etiquette.  While many private HOAs have restricted and prohibited short term rentals, the LLPA continues to allow rental properties.  We are reviewing our rental restrictions and will be discussing these at the discussion meeting in June, 2018.

The LLPA Bylaws were changed in 2016 and many of you are aware of some of the changes- let us review: While your property is being rented- no tents or motor homes are allowed on the premises.  Our violations are now enforced through the use of fees and municipal civil infractions.  Out of respect for other members and to maintain compliance with the LLPA by-laws, we recommend that you go over the rules of the peninsula with your renters including parking, noise, park and boat launch use, control of pets, speed limits,  trash removal and ban on tents and motor homes on your rental property.

Also, remind any tenants that commercial or industrial equipment as well as construction materials, trash, excess trailers and cars are not to be stored on peninsula property.  Our by-laws restrict commercial activities that interfere with the residential nature of our neighborhood and the health and safety of our community.  This would include problem rentals.   By properly screening, educating and supervising your tenants, we are hopeful that we can avoid issues on the peninsula with tenants and guests that would result in the termination of your ability to rent your property.

COTTAGE ETIQUETTE FOR RENTERS  is a handout that we developed that you should give to your tenants.  Post this in your rental and have tenants sign off on it so you know they are aware of our rules.  Remember, ultimately you, the member, are responsible for making sure all guests and tenants are aware of and do not violate peninsula regulations  If you have given us your contact info already, thank you.  If not (or if you need to update your information) please provide this information to the secretary so if necessary, we can reach you more efficiently.


Long Lake Peninsula Association.
Thank you for maintaining our peaceful sanctuary on the lake.