Dog Ordinance

dogPlease be a responsible pet owner and neighbor by remembering that the LLPA rules do allow pets but you must have your pet under control and ALWAYS bring a bag to clean up after your pet. It is extremely intimidating to other members to be charged at by an unleashed dog, even if it is just exuberant and friendly. Not all neighbors are dog lovers or have the balance to withstand a dog jumping on them. Also, be sure your guests understand peninsula rules as well.

LLPA follows the Grand Traverse County dog ordinance which states:

The Reasonable Control and Confinement of Dogs
Section IV, Item 4
As amended and approved May 23, 1972

Reasonable Control
It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow any dog to stray beyond his premises unless under reasonable control of some person or when engaged in lawful hunting, accompanied by his owner or custodian. Reasonable control in residential areas shall mean by a leash not over (6) feet long in length made of leather or other durable material.

If you encounter an aggressive, unattended dog please call the animal control officer at 995-6080 or ask 911 to get her to come out. Also, please call a board member and let them know. If is helpful if you can get a picture of the dog unleashed and off the property. We want to be sure the peninsula is a safe place for everyone to walk.