Roads and Parking

  • There is no parking on any of the roads. All four wheels must be off the pavement.
  • The speed limit on the peninsula is 20 MPH with the exception of the narrows where the speed limit is 15 MPH because the road is narrow and the homes are close to the road.
  • If you transport children to and from the school bus stop at the peninsula entrance, please park only on Old Long Lake Road for your child’s safety and that of other cars coming and going.
  • There are only (4) parking spots for vehicles and/or trailers of any kind at the boat landing. (That means 2 cars each with trailers makes 4 spots full) If these are full, please do not park on the roads near the launch. You will have to return your car to your own home.
  • At the Robert Doerr Park you may park on the grass  on the road-side of the fence.

    Please park on the grass on the road-side of the fence.

  • There is NO parking on the basketball court.