LLPA Voting Instructions

Who can vote?

By Laws: Article IV Membership
Section 1. Every person who owns a legal or equitable interest in any real estate within the Peninsula is a member of the Corporation. No member shall be entitled to more than one vote because of an interest in more than one parcel of real estate. Unless agreed otherwise by the separate owners of a legal and equitable interest in a parcel, the vote on any issue shall reside with the legal owner of the parcel.
Section 2. When property is owned by two or more people, each shall be a member.
Section 3. When a property is held in trust or by a corporation or partnership, each trustee, stockholder or partner of the trust, corporation or partnership is a member of this Corporation, but, if there are more than two trustees, stockholders or partners, then only two of them shall be entitled to vote.  The trustees, president of the corporation or managing partner shall inform the secretary of this Corporation of the identity of the individuals with voting rights prior to voting

LLPA members in good standing can now vote electronically.

Voting directions and a ballot will be posted prior to a vote.