Safety for cars, walkers/runners/dog walkers and bikers

We have lots of walkers and runners on our Peninsula roads and there have been several close calls.

To keep everyone safe we want to remind you the speed limit from the entrance to the top of the hill at the narrows is 15 mph. It is curvy and narrow. The rest of the peninsula is 20 mph.

Please be considerate of your neighbor; walk facing traffic and stay to one side. SLOW DOWN when driving. People driving too fast remains one of the biggest complaints here…and we are growing in numbers and residents.

Rules of the road:

  • Keep safe. Always walk facing traffic. This gives you the best chance to see cars approaching you and drivers can see you.
  • Please teach your children to walk on the correct side, also.
  • When cycling, stay on the right, with the traffic
  • Thank you for driving gently and cautiously and walking safely.

Pedestrian and bicycle safety tips

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